Red Horse Hair Tassel – Wild


Wild tassel made of red and white horse hair

5 1/4″ tassel

Silver colored findings and bead

Over sized lobster-style clasp

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Shades of red and white were gathered to make this wild tassel. It features 2 silver colored beads at the top, securely holding the horsehair with jewelry-grad adhesive. The bottom of this tassel is loose and measures 5 1/4″ long from its oversized lobster-style clasp down to the bottom of its frilly tail.

Tassels can be worn on necklace chains, clipped to rings on your saddle or purse, or even hung in your car!

Caring for your horse hair jewelry

Horse hair is a natural fiber that is fragile but durable if taken care of.

  • Store in a cool, dry place like a satin jewelry pouch when you aren’t wearing it.
  • Keep the horse hair from snagging by wearing it by itself snugly against your wrist.
  • Try not to regularly soak your braided horse hair jewelry as this can weaken the sealant, mildew the braid, or even tarnish the hardware.

If your horsehair gets wet, allow it to dry naturally. If it snags and a hair strand is broken, use nail clippers to carefully snip the broken hair close to the braid.


The hardware may tarnish. It’s a natural occurrence that happens over time due to air and water exposure.

Please be cautious with any chemicals near the horsehair as it may damage it.


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